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Orson Welles on the Air is a collaborative project of the Indiana University Libraries and the Indiana University Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) , with funding from the National Recording Preservation Foundation on the recommendation of the Radio Preservation Task Force, National Recording Preservation Board, Library of Congress.

The lacquer disc sound recordings and scripts digitized for this project are part of the Orson Welles collection at the Lilly Library.

Send questions or comments about the site to the Lilly Library, liblilly [at]

Project staff

  • Erika Dowell, Project Director, Lilly Library
  • Mike Casey, Project Technical Director, MDPI
  • Jon Dunn, Assistant Dean for Library Technologies
  • Will Cowan, Head, Software Development, Library Technologies
  • Bernie Fry, Programmer/Analyst, Library Technologies
  • Daniel Figurelli, Audio Preservation Engineer
  • Melissa Widzinski, Audio Preservation Engineer
  • Jonathan Richardson, AV Specialist
  • Jon Cameron, Digital Media Service Manager, Library Technologies
  • Zach Downey, Digitization Manager, Lilly Library
  • Jody Mitchell, Public Services Assistant, Lilly Library
  • Nazareth Pantaloni III, Copyright Program Librarian
  • Susan Vandagriff, Student Digitizer, Lilly Library
  • Garrett Goad, Student Digitizer, Lilly Library

The project is also endebted to the following individuals and groups:

  • Gerard Seligman, National Recording Preservation Foundation
  • Radio Preservation Task Force, National Recording Preservation Board, Library of Congress
  • Neil Verma, Northwestern University
  • Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin

Special thanks to Patrick Feaster, Media Preservation Specialist.

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